8 Tips To Help You Land The Wedding Lehenga Of Your Dreams

    Colour me good

    While you may be tempted to reach out for the traditional reds, there are many other hues to choose from. Colours such as soft pinks, baby blue, and emerald green are becoming increasingly popular. Pick one that flatters your skin tone. Though you might have come in with a certain colour in mind, it’s always best to try on different shades of colours of pinks, reds, blues and so on and then decide.


    Once you wear them and look at yourself in the trial room will you actually know what works best and what you want to get married in. A day wedding calls for lighter colours. For a wedding in the evening, go for darker colours – ones that shine in artificial lighting.

    Dress According To Season, Not Just According To Style
    Take into account the location, climate and occasion before buying your wedding lehenga. You don’t want to find yourself baking in a heavy set during summers or freezing in a lighter set in winters. For a summer wedding, opt for light-weight fabrics, brighter colours, and fewer embellishments. On the other hand, winter weddings call for thicker fabrics, heavier embellishments and full-sleeved lehengas.


    Compliment your decor
    Another important aspect to remember whilst bridal shopping is to make sure you match your look with the wedding decor. If you have finalised the decor, then choose complimentary colours that work with it. Colours like red, oranges, pinks, peach are all from the same colour zone and would work well together. The same goes for blues, shades of purple, teal and greens.

    If you still need to decide on the decor, then make sure that you show your wedding planner your final looks so that they keep the colours and look in mind whilst working on the design.